The IT Experience - Neibolt House Hollywood

Free haunted house inspired by the 2017 horror movie It.

Experienced: August 17, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Address: Hollywood and Vine
Price: Free
Audience Size: 7-12
Runtime: 10 minutes
More Information: The IT Experience Site

An old, decrepit, house has popped up at the famous Hollywood and Vine intersection in Los Angeles. This self described “haunted house experience” is part of the marketing for the new movie based on Stephen King’s book IT.

The facade and sets in this haunted house are all top notch and similar to what you would find at Knott’s Scary Farm or Universal Halloween Horror Nights. What differs is the pacing and style in which you traverse the haunt. They’ve decided to not ‘conga line’ the haunt and pulse guests in 7 at a time. The night I went I was in a group of about 12 so I believe they’ve increased the group size due to the demand.

You are escorted through the rooms in the house by an actor in a yellow raincoat playing Georgie, a 6 year character from the book. As the group ahead goes into the house there is an excellent photo opportunity in front of the beautiful facade. My Georgie was played by a girl and she whimsically gave us the rules of going through the haunt before we ascended a spiral metal staircase to the second floor.

This haunt spans two floors and has about half a dozen rooms to explore and it seems like there’s only one group inside the house at a time. There are various jump scares throughout mostly in the form of props or triggers. There isn’t much talent inside doing the scaring this is more about the atmosphere and technology by way of animatronics and projections.

Some of the trigger based scares are better experienced from the front of the group but everyone in my group enjoyed their visit through the Neibolt House. Though a waiver is required to go through the haunt there isn’t any physical contact of any kind.

Even if you don’t have a (currently sold out) ticket you can wait in the standby line anytime between 11am to 11pm through September 10. Be aware, the line moves very slowly, but if you’re in the area and have some time check it out!