iConfidant Beta 2.0 Enrollment

iConfidant relaunches with a second beta after a disastrous first try

Experienced: May 2020 and beyond
Location: Online
Price: Free (for now?)
Audience Size: Unlimited?
Runtime: Continuous
More Information: iconfidant.net, Instagram, Facebook

Photo by iConfidant

We all need a friend to lean on. Someone we can trust with our secrets. If you haven’t found yours yet or just want a new one check out iConfidant. Here are my answers to a recent slew of questions I assume not originally intended for any one in particular. Here are some questions for you to answer yourself.

1. Who’s the best?
Best is relative.

2. Why are they better than that one?
This one has a website!

3. Why should this one not get in?
This one should get in thank you very much.

4. Are they ready?
Born ready… for some things.

5. What are they willing to do for a friend?
I am willing to sacrifice my time for a friend in need.

6. Are they emotionally prepared for what lies ahead?
I believe I am emotionally sound but may just be happy in my ignorant bubble.

7. Can they take it?
Willing to try.

8. Are they willing to go there?
Depends on who’s watching.

9. Will they quit like some already have?
It’s possible.

10. Will they help our network grow?
As best I can and have tried already.

11. Why do they have so many stuffed animals?
We’re all just big kids.

12. Do they have secrets?
Everyone has secrets.

13. Would they tell me their secrets?
If I trusted you.

14. If they already have people in their lives, why are they looking for someone else?
Faith in the experiences.

15. Are they trustworthy?
Most definitely.

16. Will they do what is asked?
What is being asked?

17. Do they know?
I don’t think so.

18. Why haven’t they done what has already been asked of them?
Pure laziness and apathy.

19. Do they think they’re smart?
Probably not as smart as you think they think.

20. Are they smart?

21. Why do they not answer my calls?
Must have missed it.

22. And is that something you can ask forgiveness for?
Is it so wrong?

23. Were they honest?
Trying to be.

24. Why do they think being in a costume is putting their best foot forward?
First impressions?

25. Would they actually have sex with their parents once a week?
No. I’d immediately reject these people.

26. Are they cowards?
Most of us are.

27. Would they die for their new best friend?
I’d have to get back to you on this.

28. Do I care about them being artistic?
I’m not artistic so we’re good.

29. What is a meme and why should I care?
If you cared about growing your network (see question 10) you might care. Otherwise you wouldn’t.

30. Will they fuck things up?
I may.

31. Are their kids really their best friends?
Best friend is different than love of a child but I can see it happening.

32. Do they already have a best friend?

33. Are they willing to lose that best friend for their new best friend?
No why would it have to come to that?

34. Why are they creating new social media accounts just for this?
Afraid of another debacle like the first iConfidant beta? Or maybe signing up multiple times?

35. What are they hiding?
Or who are they hiding from?

36. Are they committed?

37. Do they even know what that means?
In the general sense yes.

38. Why do they value work calls over my calls?
People need to make a living!

39. Do these people only connect with pets?
Yeah that’s a litle weird. But we’re all weird.

40. Are they actually looking for deep connection?
We’re definitely looking for something.

41. Are they capable of deep connection?
I think we’re all capable.

42. Are they fake?
I try not to be.

43. Are they liars?

44. Are they bland?

45. Are they too much?

46. Are they enough?

47. Are they worthy?