Theatre Macabre

A dense, living, breathing, masterpiece. Pray for an extension.

Experienced: October & November 2018
Location: Los Angeles, CA 90015
Price: $150
Audience Size: 10
Runtime: ~90-120 minutes
More Information: Theatre Macabre site, Instagram, Twitter

Photo by Theatre Macabre

If you told me I would throw down over a grand between me and my wife on one show I would have said you’re insane. The plan was to go once, maybe twice, enjoy ourselves, and move on with our lives. Sometimes things don’t go as expected.

Theatre Macabre has consumed us over the past few weeks. I believe it has consumed just about anyone into this art form who has had the pleasure of attending it.

This is less about the show itself and more about how it’s made us in the Los Angeles Immersive community feel. Between my wife and I there isn’t a single thing we’ve talked about more than Theatre Macabre. This is an obsession.

The show is a dense, living, breathing, masterpiece that, when firing on all cylinders, is the greatest form of entertainment I’ve ever experienced. This all sounds like hyperbole I’m sure but a two hundred million dollar movie or ride at an amusement park can’t compare to what was pulled off in October and November of 2018.

It’s a damn shame word didn’t spread like wildfire and that this show didn’t become a permanent fixture in the LA Immersive scene as was rumored. Maybe the masses weren’t ready for something like this. Or maybe the ticket price was too high. Or people were too scared to visit. Or people are just too busy with their lives to roll the dice on something completely new and refreshing. I have never strongly encouraged more people to give a show a visit than I did with Theatre Macabre and for some reason not one person I know did. It felt like the stars weren’t aligned for some strange reason.

Maybe this was just meant to be a lightning in a bottle. Something that only those who know would fully appreciate. Theatre Macabre has ruined everything else for me and for that I applaud the creators. I will forever be chasing the dragon so to speak. Thank you for making me feel like a junkie again.