Optika Moderna - Waking La Llorona

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Experienced: August 20, 2017
Location: Bread + Salt
Address: 1955 Julian Ave, San Diego, CA
Price: Free
Audience Size: 1
Runtime: 20 minutes
More Information: Optika Moderna Site, Instagram

The show is framed as an appointment with E.S. Moctezuma for reasons unknown. The appointment begins with a brief interaction and masterfully transitions into the narrative experience based on the La Llorona folklore.

Optika Moderna’s Waking La Llorona plays out like a silent movie or a distant memory. The production is top notch across the board from the sound and sets to the acting, dancing, and interaction. The only complaint I have is how short the piece is as it runs shorter than the 30 minutes advertised. It’s not intense and is a very accessible show if you can get over going through alone and walking through some dark, haunt-like, sets.

According to this No Proscenium interview the piece is a workshop with a possibility of an extension so keep an eye out for show dates. Although the story told is complete as is I hope to see a longer form show from Optika Moderna in the future.