The Stronger by The Speakeasy Society

Immersive scene played by two actors for one audience member.

Run: February 5, 20, 2018
Experienced: February 20, 2018
Address: Los Angeles, CA 90039
Price: $20.00
Audience Size: 1
Runtime: 20 minutes
More Information: The Speakeasy Society, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to a remount of The Speakeasy Society’s The Stronger. It is based on an 1889 play by August Stindberg and is a short 20 minute scene for one audience member with two actors.

I am waiting for my friend at a restaurant. When she walks in she greets me and we look for a place to sit. She notices someone she recognizes from her past and asks if it’s ok that she say hello. She does and the scene begins.

The Stronger launches into a wonderfully acted monologue where my friend reminisces about the times her and her friend had back in New York when they were roommates. The friend reacts mostly through non-verbal cues. As the story progresses what we perceive as “The Stronger” in this story changes dramatically. There is a slow burn before a realization that likely hits people at different times. I had a rush of emotion hit me when it did and it made the drive out for a short 20 minute piece completely worthwhile.

The setting is feels very much like a casual conversation but I quickly got that this was more of a scripted monologue so I mostly stayed out of the way and let the scene unfold. I’m interested in how much the flow or enjoyment of the show could be affected by someone who tried to converse.

Both actresses played their role so masterfully I was shocked to hear from others afterward that the roles appeared to be alternated per show. From the sound of it I may have seen The Stronger of the role configurations which may have affected how much I enjoyed this piece. It was interesting to see a more traditional, albeit modernized, piece from The Speakeasy Society. They have quite the range!