The Kansas Collection (Chapter Four - The Invitation) by The Speakeasy Society

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Experienced: September 14, 2017
Address: Los Angeles, 90039
Price: $20
Tickets: Remount tickets for each chapter here
Audience Size: 2
Runtime: ~20 minutes
More Information: Kansas Collection, The Speakeasy Society, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Chapter 4, The Invitation, of the Kansas Collection was a return to their roots reminiscent of Chapter 1 in more ways than one. First it took place in the original location (after the debut at IndieCade). Second it starts with two guests being greeted by the character Lyman followed by sitting down to chat with Jo Files (with signature steampunk aviator glasses) behind a typewriter.

The rest of the show was different than Chapter 1 in that both of us guests were brought into one large area behind Jo Files and each interacted with a different individual separately in the same space. These two characters were hard at work sealing envelopes contain invitations to an event. They asked us to help out for a bit before taking us aside to speak in private. Both were very animated and engaging though I only got to speak to one in private.

The show was fun, albeit short like all of the chapters in The Kansas collection, and felt like a reboot of sorts resetting some of the playing field while reminding us the current lay of the land in Oz. I am looking forward to what comes next after The Invitation as it sounds like it might be grand!